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Big Hook Wilderness Camps

About Us

The road to owning Big Hook Wilderness Camps consisted of many twists and turns for the Hartle family(Steve, Evelyn, children Nathan and Ricky). Before the lure of the outdoors beckoned, the family was established in Sheboygan, WI. Steve worked for DCI marketing and Evelyn was employed at KW Muth Company. In 1984, it was Evie who decided the family should run a fishing resort in Canada. Shortly thereafter they purchased a drive-in camp located just north of Ear Falls, ON. After seven successful seasons, the Hartle's decided to take their passion for the outdoors to a new level purchasing Big Hook Wilderness Camps in 1991. The family welcomed the challenge's presented in operating a unique fly-in Canadian resort while raising a family. Now entering their 20th year at Big Hook, the family's commitment to the resort and outdoors is stronger than ever. Continually striving to evolve the resort has been a daunting task, mainly due to the remote location. However, over the years the Hartle family brought modern amenities to the Big Hook's original rustic operation. These upgrades included:

  • Solar and wind power
  • Screened in porches
  • Generated power at South Lake
  • On demand solar water pumps
  • A washing machine (Evelyn's favorite addition. Previous operators washed clothes in a five gallon bucket. "Now, if we could only get a dishwater..." she says.
  • Continually upgrading the boat fleet to efficient 4 stroke motors
  • Hot and cold running water and showers. Original cabins lacked both of these features.
  • A privately operated air plane.

Every year new projects are planned and implemented to improve the resort.

"To all our of our current guests and future customers whom we have a pleasure to do business with, we would like to extend a thank you for your choice to visit us at Big Hook Wilderness Camps."
"May you enjoy the Northwoods for as many years as we have." — Steve, Evelyn, Nathan & Ricky

Mision Statement

Our goal is to offer guests a unique and remote Canadian fly-in fishing experience. We are committed to a customers hassle free vacation, providing quality goods and amenities at a reasonable price. To maintaining a minimal impact on the surrounding resources, allowing guests to witness an area that has been virtually untouched by mankind. To provide a service that you would recommend to your friends and family. Finally, to thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them.