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Weight Limits & Overweight Charges

Guests are allowed 100 lbs per person

This includes all of your gear, personal groceries, pop, and beer. Excess baggage will cost you an additional $1.85 per lb (up to 100 lbs). The next 100 lbs is $2.50 per pound. With exceeding airline costs we cannot guarantee excess baggage will be on your same flight. Please do not pack and carry in staple foods that we provide in our trip package.

It is imperative that you meet the weight limits and have less waste going out.

Flight Information

Superior airport office phone
Ph: 1.807.662.4300

Office/Sandy Lake Seaplane
Ph: 1.800.361.9946 (in Ontario only)
Ph: 1.807.774.1219
Fax: 1.807.774.1281

NOTE: If your vehicle breaks down and you will be late or unable to make the morning charter flight, please contact the airline as soon as possible.


With Superior Airways as soon as you arrive in the Red Lake area to reconfirm your departure time and weigh-in.

Weigh-In (One hour before your flight!)
The airlines cannot wait for you if you do not check in one hour before flight departure. Please place bag Big Hook baggage tags on each piece of your luggage, tackle boxes, rod cases, coolers, etc. and make sure your name and address and lake destination is visible.

Departure time

A departing time will be emailed to your party leader a couple of weeks before your airport arrival. Our time schedules are for Sunday mornings. Please call us if your arrival time will be later.

Flying north

Your will be flying via Superior Airways from the Red Lake Airport to Sandy Lake Airport . Sandy Lake is situated on a dry Indian reservation (no liquor or beer allowed). Please have all liquor and cases of beer concealed in black garbage bags. The chief at Sandy Lake know that some of our guests do carry liquor, so he asks us to conceal it. Absolutely no drinking alcohol while at Sandy Lake . You and your party will be flown out by float plane via Sandy Lake Seaplane to your outpost camp, approximately 40 air miles north.

Return flight

We will begin moving guests out of the camps, starting at 5:30 am, weather permitting. During the week the pilot will leave a notice of an approximate departure time for Sunday morning. Sorry we cannot plan and exact outgoing time schedule, but please have your gear on the dock and ready to go early. Make sure all the boats and motors are clear of the of the dock front, so the plane can taxi and tie up safely.