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Fly in 185 air miles north of Red Lake, Ontario to one of our remote outpost cabins, located in the spacious grand wilderness of the Opasquia Provincial Park. Big Hook offers the most remote housekeeping outpost cabins in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Avoid the crowds and enjoy an entire classic Canadian shield lake to yourself.

"My hands are...raw from catching so many walleye. We sat on schools and schools of 17-19" walleye all day. Folks, if you have the opportunity for a fly-in fishing vacation, come here. You will not be disappointed!"
— Al Lindner, while filming at South Lake Outpost

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A Perfect Canadian Destination

Big Hook Wilderness Camps is perfect for those who want to escape the high tech world. Located in the boreal forest, the Opasquia Provincial Park, 1.5 million acres of true beauty, is a unique, unspoiled, road-less area. We are the only operation in the Park. No cars allowed, the only way to access this unique park is via float plane. As a matter of fact, the nearest road is over one hundred and fifty miles away.

Witness a natural environment that has been virtually untouched by man. During the evening hours, listen to the hypnotic cry of the loon and view dazzling Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) dancing in the night sky. These undulating ribbons of light shimmer in the sky for hours and are best viewed during the late summer.

Experience great Walleye and Northern Pike fishing that has been recommended by In-Fisherman, Midwest Outdoors, Going Fishing TV, and Real Outdoors Ontario.

"An experience of a lifetime. Big Hook is the Grand Canyon of fishing."
— John Seyman, Midwest Outdoors Magazine