The walleyes were everywhere. We were supplied with a hotspot map but it was unnecessary because anywhere you tossed a jig there were walleyes. Big Hook is not exaggerating when they say they have the best fishing in Ontario.

Samuel Hamilton

Ryan does a great job of organizing what is a very hectic day with the number of people coming in and out on the switch over day and doesn’t seem to get rattled when there are problems to solve. The fishing is like nothing I have ever experienced and I cannot fathom better fishing elsewhere. Not only do we get big numbers but we also catch beefy walleyes and although we do not target them specifically, large northern are abundant as well. The sunsets are amazing and with as far north as the camps are, if you want to fish 16 hours a day you can as the days are long. One of my favorite weeks of the year hands down.

Jack Batten

Going back again this year, look forward to it every time. Never disappointed, great fishing, wonderful nature. We’ve tried the drive in locations, while they seem nice they don’t compare to Big Hook.

Matt Moore

My hands are…raw from catching so many walleye. We sat on schools and schools of 17-19″ walleye all day. Folks, if you have the opportunity for a fly-in fishing vacation, come here. You will not be disappointed!

Al Lindner

I have been fishing Canadian Walleye waters for over 60 years. Burnt is one of most consistent and fast action walleye lakes I have ever fished. Multiple weed beds, rock ledges and reefs and constant moving water makes for great walleye fishing.

Fleener Party